Dedicated to Providing Reliable Sign Language Interpreting Services

Helping Hands Interpreting Services in St. Louis, MO is founded by Shelia Anderson, an experienced and professional interpreter. We are committed to delivering interpreting services to our clients and ensuring that we meet their communication needs. Let us help you or your Deaf clients break down the communication barriers within our community.

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About Our Founder

Shelia Anderson has been interpreting for more than 21 years. She holds a Missouri Interpreters Certification System (MICS) Advanced Level Certification and is also a licensed interpreter in both Missouri and Illinois.

During her many years of service, she has interpreted in a variety of settings that include dr. Appts, GED classes and rehabilitation programs inside prisons, all levels of education, business/staff meetings, job trainings, chemical dependency programs, civil/traffic courts and several other types of medical and mental health settings.

What Sets Us Apart

At Helping Hands Interpreting Services, we are committed to providing experienced interpreters who specialize in the medical and legal fields.

Since all of our clients and customers are equally important to us, our primary goal is to fulfill all of your requests including those unexpected last minute, EMERGENCY requests.

We are extremely proud that the majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals from those we currently serve. For this, we thank you.

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Our Interpreters are Continually Working on Professional Development

Mission Statement

Helping Hands will effectively facilitate communication among Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing clients alike by providing high quality, certified and licensed interpreters as required by law. In addition, we will strive to ensure that every client is able to communicate effectively by filling as many interpreter requests as possible.

Reach Out to Us

Let us help you communicate better within the community. If you are interested in hiring us, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best interpreting service. Contact us today!